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Every year for the past few years, I have created name tags for gifts that our community gives to the local orphanage. We purchase items for their annual beach trip and pack them in their own beach bags. This year, because of Covid-19, we are limiting our gifts to the beach bag and providing the children with gift cards to be used to purchase towels, bathing suits, etc.

I was looking for something I could make with my new Cricut EasyPress (because I am totally hooked!) and decided on these inexpensive muslin bags that we are using as their "nametag". We are going to add hand sanitizer, chapstick, sunscreen, etc.

For each boy, I added the name and a shark decal. For the girls, the name and an hibiscus flower. There is one gentleman that has lived at the orphanage since he lost his mother and father over 40 years ago. He is a huge Clemson fan so i always make his with a Clemson tiger paw.

If you are looking for gifts or favors for showers, weddings, etc. just send me a note using the Contact Us page. Oh, yes, I realized after I took this pic that I had misspelled Isaac's name. No worried - fixed in a jiffy!

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