My happy place!

I should probably wait until my room is "finished" and "organized" but at this rate, that could be years! These are a few snapshots of the room my husband and I share - man cave on one side, craft room on the other.

Just this year, we enclosed our two car garage. The biggest expense was the mini-split A/C and heater. Well worth every penny though! The year before, I had tried to work in the garage without air/heat and it was miserable. So yeah, I'm glad that this was the one thing I pushed for.

My favorite is the double doors with glass side lights. I get so much natural light now that I only pull out my Ott light for the most detailed work. One day, I will get all new light fixtures but not now.

Next on my list will be to get our flooring done. Hopefully come fall I will be able to afford that! Baby steps, right? I am so thankful to have been able to do what we have so far and look forward to more improvements!

Pics below from yesterday. Y'all don't judge!

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